Welcome to the Inishowen Organic Group website

This website is for people in Inishowen and beyond who like to produce their own food and want to keep in touch with others who do the same.

There is no official membership, all you need is an interest in home produce and an unwillingness to use pesticides or artificial fertilisers in growing the food you plan to eat!

There are MEETINGS in Carndonagh every month where people can get together and discuss their successes or failures, get new ideas or share advice. There is also a library of books available to borrow, and if anything interesting comes up at the meetings, it will be posted in the MINUTES.

On the BLOG page there’s details of upcoming meetings or other events in the area, there’s a free FORUM where you can post questions and (hopefully) get answers.

On the EVENTS page you can see pictures from some of the trips and courses the group has organised over the last few years and you can find out about some of the people in the area who are already growing for themselves on the Growing in Inishowen page.
The HOW TO page has some interesting ways of getting the job done, with the help of group members.

And, if you want to know what the WEATHER is going to be like in your part of Inishowen, look no further!

 Feel free to contribute via the forum or blog, and if you would like your place to be featured on the site, just post a comment on the forum and we'll get you up there.