Links related to Organic matters The website of Greenhill Farm in Malin. An organic farm specialising in organic vegetables.  The website of North west Organic Co-operative The National Organic Training skillnet(NOTS) provide high quality, low cost training for the expanding organic sector throughout the Republic of Ireland for farmers,processors & growers.  The website of Western Organic Network, an organisation promoting organic principles.   The GM-free Ireland Network is a rapidly growing association of individuals and organisations collaborating to keep the whole island of Ireland free of genetically modified (GM) animal feed, seeds, trees, crops, livestock, fish and food. Magazine dedicated to sustainable living Promoting organic horticulture, gardening & sustainable living, through training, demonstration & community projects network of growers, processors, suppliers and distributors of authentic, locally-grown, wholesome food.  Quite a realistic site which aims for user to be self sufficientish An excellent site covering all the main topics to lead a more self-sufficient lifestyle